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Nothing better than watching Breaking Bad while eating a Walter Jr. inspired breakfast…

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Ooooorrrr what about a magnet?


It’s like when Voldemort hugged Draco

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Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad

Miiiight be getting a little too into this Breaking Bad premiere party…


ya little shit head

So I made some blue rock candy for the season premiere of Breaking Bad…

and I cannot stop eating it. Oops…

mama wolf: How to Celebrate Breaking Bad's Return ›


The premiere is Sunday and I am pumped. So I wrote this…enjoy?

1. Answer the phone with “YO BITCH”. Include “bitch” more in your vocabulary in general.

2. Carry a desk bell around. Tap it furiously when you’re angry. Bonus points for breathing furiously.

3.Enthuse about breakfast…

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Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, and Giancarlo Esposito. Breaking Bad